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Originally Posted by jhoengen View Post
Ok you know what i mean, I know what you mean, but i think I just need to clarify my position a little:

The people who don't like to grind DIL (count me in here) would have to do exactly that to get the store items (like the tokens) OR would have to buy them overpriced, because there are people who do the grinding. And that is not a good nor fair implementation. That's all I'm saying, ok maybe adjusting the prices is not the best solution to this problem, but that is the solution I'm seeing right now (at least it would be a solution for the people who would like to pay real money).
I suppose I have to ask: what are you doing with your characters when they get to VA? If you're not earning Dilithium what else are you doing? Doing Foundry pays Dilithium. STFs pay Dilithium. PvP pays Dilithium. Dailies pay Dilithium. Outside of Replay what else are you doing that isn't giving you Dilithium? Do you just stop playing them or delete them when they get to VA?

You don't have to "grind" Dilithium to earn it. The game just throws it at you. How much you want to earn is up to you. Just doing the standard 8,000 Dilithium per day will earn you around 1,500 Zen per month. If you only do half of that it's still around 750 Zen in a month - and that's a free Respec and a Key or two.

I get that you don't want to "grind," but even very, very, very casually playing a VA will earn you enough Zen to get the Respec at the $2.50 price you're willing to pay. No grinding required: just playing your VA.