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09-09-2012, 12:09 PM
I just logged in after a year or so hiatus and was having a crap ton of fun, asking myself "Why the hell did I leave this game in the first place? Oh yeah... [SERVER NOT RESPONDING]". This was an issue back when rubberbanding was pretty prevalent (for those of you that remember). It's discouraging to see threads that date back to the middle of the year and connection is still a problem. I had a more reliable connection playing on the US server from the middle east. When I got to NY that's when the SERVER NOT RESPONDING message reared its ugly head and I threw my arms up and said "I quit". Now I'm in Hawaii and the old friend came by for a visit. I'm really kicking myself that I re-upped my sub before playing longer. I hope they address this issue. This is the last MMO I've got before I give up entirely on the genre.