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1. Don't Bunch Up. What this means there should be no more than two people on any one freighter period. I regularly save freighters on all three of my admirals by myself with any of the three ship types. You are not helpless because you are Tactical or an Engineer.

2. Keep the Freighters Shields Up. If you keep their shields from dropping they won't take nearly as much damage making everyone's job easier.

3. Heal the Freighters. I don't know how often I have to say this in groups but it's too much. If you see the freighters hull getting low toss a heal on it!

4. If your freighter gets destroyed. MOVE ON don't keep engaging the enemy! You are going to be a lot more help to the rest of your team than avenging a blown up freighter that doesn't care anyway.

5. If you freighter finishes unloading it's cargo. MOVE ON there is no reason for you to engage that group of enemies at that point! You're better off helping the other groups.
1. Agreed, splitting up helps a lot.

2-3. Depends on your Ship/Captain. A Tac/'scort trying to outheal the damage done to the freighter will fail just as surely as a Sci/Sci trying to kill all the assaillants before the freighter explodes: as in any mission in the game, play according to your Ship type!
A Sci/Sci should primarily rely on TBR/GW/TT/HE/ASIF/..., a Tac/scort on wiping out all opposition. It can be done solo.

4-5. Agreed, and this is a big one. Too many people fight when the freighter is either finished or destroyed, that's a waste of time; time that could be spent saving other Ships.