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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
2-3. Depends on your Ship/Captain. A Tac/'scort trying to outheal the damage done to the freighter will fail just as surely as a Sci/Sci trying to kill all the assaillants before the freighter explodes: as in any mission in the game, play according to your Ship type!
A Sci/Sci should primarily rely on TBR/GW/TT/HE/ASIF/..., a Tac/scort on wiping out all opposition. It can be done solo.
You are missing the point of the advise. ANY buffing to the freighter slows the incoming damage. It buys time for the Escort to blow the @#(*& out of the enemy ships. Any healing or buffing an Escort isn't using on the Freighter is as much wasted effort as a Science ships not adding DPS the enemy ships.

Don't think in terms of the Holy MMORPG Trinity. Every Captain and Ship can do a bit of everything. Granted some captains/ship are better at certain things than other Captains/Ships. But it's a team effort every bit helps.