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Delirium Tremens
is a Star Trek Online fleet of like-minded, mature players, with a good mix of humor, games seriousness, style, flash and a kindness in mind. If you're a whiny, loot wh*re, who cannot complete a full sentence without a curse word - please avoid us. We don't tolerate drama, spamming, whiners or foul mouthed crybabies.

Joining us, you will find that we:

Real Life comes first:
This must come first. We understand; we are brothers, sisters, Moms and Dads, co-workers, providers, have jobs, school, Circus ?little people? wrestling tryouts, trombone lessons, football practice, whatever.
All we ask is if you have an extended leave of absence; you keep us informed. So we don?t drop you due to inactivity.

Offensive behavior is not tolerated
We don?t want drama queens, whiners, folks who cannot write a complete sentence without using a swear word. We tend to weed these unfortunate lots of society out quickly.

Events are centric to our fleet
An important core fleet family value. We play together, we train together. We get to know each other and help each other. This allows us; to better ourselves, better each other, run more events, run better events with knowledgeable and good players.

See Delirium Tremens:

It?s about having fun and enjoying the game and enjoying your fellow players.
I like to think we?re pretty cool to hang out with. We like to joke and be a bit silly. We enjoy a little razing and a good STF/FA run and a Mission or two. Now if this is what you?re looking for, check out our site below. Maybe were in line with your own goals in STO. Maybe we can help one another out. At least get to know each other and it?s another helpful, friendly face you can say hi to on ESD or DS9.

What a social life.
There is usually some Fleet Action running during the day and at night. Full STFs (all space or all ground) three times a week, minimum. We have a rocking star-base, (with a secret room) who knew? You'll need the secret handshake to get in. We'll teach you that after the probation period. We have a weekly social mixer around the Universe. Not to mention a crafting circle once a week to share tricks, mats and ideas. (Not to mention the gear.) Of course if you?re the strong silent type. We won?t force you to have fun, But I think you will.

Come check us out at:

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