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On one captain, I have over 130k CXP in Military and 117k in Engineering but the option to file reports for them are still greyed out. Have I missed something?


I've been to the DOff Store to update all commendation categories, checked the log to see if the relevant categories have been reached "Military: Number One" & "Engineering: Chief Engineer".

My other captains either had 110k+ prior to this system put in, or have no problems with this.


This has been fixed. When I logged back in after half a day, I can now see that the reports are no longer greyed out. There was also a free gift of sorts which I won't mention which tells me someone did something... wasn't just some time-related issue or lag.

Quick and correct response from Cryptic/PW folks, it does happen and a lot more often than what most posts here would have you believe.

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