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Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
As stated already. A way of tracking your transactions within the game would solve the issue. What will it take to actually get a old of my entire account history of purchases for the C-Store, how many CP/ZEN bought, CP Gift cards, stipends, and what I have spent and on what? It's not like Cryptic/PWE provides a receipt for everything I purchase in their store but they actually should!
You'll never seen an entire account history now, because it's divided between 2 different companies. In case no one realized this now, you no longer buy CP/Zen from Cryptic. You buy them directly from PW. 0% of the profits from Zen/C-Store sales go to Cryptic now. Cryptic is simply given an operating budget and PW takes all the profits - as they should.

A best case scenario would be that PW starts giving the Gold members their Stipend, rather then Cryptic doing it. The Stipend would go into your Wallet and each month you could transfer it to whichever game you preferred. And since the Wallet keeps track of every one of your transactions you'll always be able to trace Stipends and Zen purchases - but not expenditures or C-Store purchases.