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Triolic Pattern Enhancer. Before everyone rushes out and uses this in STFs, DO know all there is to know about it. In particular the small chance that its activation will summon a 'creature'. Just when you thought you had one boss to fight... now there's two. In IGE for example, a good place to activate this is on a pipe. So if an 'umbral' appears... it will usually fall into the plasma. Aside from this, the posts seem to generate a lot of aggro from the boss borgs and can be used to draw ol Becky within shotgun range.

PS It only costs 60 EDCs to get a Mk X 'STF' set for the instant remodulation feature.

PSS You CAN equip BOffs with the STF sets so they get the instant remodulation feature... and the set team bonus effects as well.
Ugh... has it not occured to you that the Borg draw 30 times as much fire onto themselves than you possibly can? Just drop them regularly and try to steer clear of it so the bosses (Tosk excluded) don't hit you with that chain thing.

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I wouldn't skip on the nanoprobes no matter what, really. The Borg assimilation attack has a really long range (it's more like a hose than a set of needles as in First Contact), I've had them try to get me from at least 5 meters away. I've seen tons of people who like to live dangerously in Defera glowing utterly green from the nanoprobes though - wonder how they avoid being assimilated. I hardly ever see it actually happen, though if I don't have the anti-nanos it almost always happens to me.

However, that's news to me about the devices. You can swap around device slot contents even when you're in Red Alert mode?

Can you keybind this?
Defera: This is a cakewalk! Just spam whatever heals you have - the nanites eventually cease to function and wait for you to be killed by the Borg drones that injected them.

Just stay alive long enough to live through the initial DoT, and you should be fine. (Warning: Do not attempt this in the presence of tactical drones of any level - hide behind a Cover Shield or something, but don't try this against Armek or Manus.)

No idea about the devices, wouldn't know if you can keybind them.

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Ground devices in STO are IMHO ... useless.

I equip a remodulator and a stack of large hypos. Everything else is pretty much a waste of space. At low levels a tribble is nice to heal between fights (until you get a medic with decent abilities). Although it sucks to constantly remodulate - I found that the MACO ground gear is inferior compared to the much better gear you can find elsewhere in-game.

Energy cells don't seem to do much.
Flashlights are needed on certain maps, but are annoying (every time you get knocked down they shut off)
Shield batteries are completely useless - shields are so easy to rip through (and a lot of stuff completely ignores shields anyway), that you're better off clicking to fire your weapon than trying to regenerate your shields that will just drop again by the same amount with the next hit.
Tribbles - those that give combat bonuses can be ok.
Healing tribbles, food items = complete waste of space after 10th level.
Jem'hadar weapon modules = useless

As for pets... also useless. They're there for show, and nothing else.

Instead of wasting time clicking on a device, your time is far better spent firing an extra shot from your weapon.
I find that devices, while they MAY be handy sometimes, are both too hard to remember to use and too tedious to resupply. I quite literally can't be bothered to go need/greed on the cordrazines and immunosupports or to go to the nearest station to resupply. Fortunately I understand how classes work well enough to avoid taking fire on the softer Engineer and Tactical, and tank stuff up with my Science character. True, the hypos would help, but... I just can't bother with it, and the shard is a much more useful object for my playstyle on ANY character (except engineer, don't have any FE stuff there).
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