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This is a fun ship for me. I made it versatile so that it does good damage in any direction, great damage up front, can dispatch high yield torps, fighters, then grab agro from the escorts, and survive well.

My Boff arrangement is:

Commander: EP Weapons 1 / Rotate Shield Polarity 1 / EP Shields 3 / Aux to SIF 3

Lt. Commander: Tac Team 1 / Cannon SV 1 / Cannon RF 2

Lieutenant: Beam FAW / Beam OL 2

Lieutenant: Polarize Hull 1 / Hazard Emitters 2

Ensign: Engineering Team 1

Deflector: HG Mk XI

Engine: Borg

Shields: HG Mk XI

Front Weapons: (Disruptor) Single Cannon/Beam Array/Dual Beam/Quad Cannons*

Back Weapons: (Disruptor) 2 Turrets / 2 Beam Arrays

* All are purple non-Borg Mark XI except Quad cannons

Consoles (All Mk XI Blue):

Engineering: Point Defense* / Monotonium Plating / Tetraburnium Plating* / Plasmonic Leech

Science: Power Insulators / Assimilated Module

Tactical: Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XI Blue x 4

* Point Defense may be switched with an RCS, or a Vent Theta Radiation console as the situation requires. The Tetraburnium Console gets switched with Ablative depending on enemies.

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