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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
thats... not optimized, though your engineering stations powers are good, if you have 3 damage control doffs.

this thing is best with all DHC, 3 DHC and 1 DBB, or with 8 beams. with these setups all your weapons can be fired at once for most on target damage at all times, and you can run powerful tactical powers that apply to all weapons, or the weapon you want it to the most, like the DBB for BO.
Point taken, but though this ship is nimble for a cruiser, it is still a cruiser. I find my forward damage is better than most cruisers, and when I don't desire to have the enemy in my forward arc, I find that I still do good damage.

Being well speced for accuracy in trait, in skills, and with the dual cannons*, I find the smooth pew pew of cannon fire more satisfying that the blert blert stutter of dual heavys.

The main point of my setup goes beyond DPS. It involves keeping the shields going, and hull tanking when absolutely necessary. I enjoy having several means to take out fighter spam, boarding parties, and those nasty high yield plasma and tricolbalts. I am quite happy with it.

For full out DPS, I fly escorts.

------Correction: This ship doesn't use dual cannons up front. Actually I use a single cannon. I do prefer dual cannons as a rule.

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