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All I know is that Data was killed at the end of Nemesis, leaving only the much less able B4 in his place. In the special features of the DVD you can see the extra footage of the Enterprise E being repaired back and Picard still at the helm. That's where the film series ended and the JJ universe began. Hopefully we will see in a future real Trek movie what happened next and we can forget about the awful JJ bastardised version.
The 2nd movie by JJ is being filmed as we speak. There are plans for a 3rd one also but just as the 2nd one wasn't set in stone, the 3rd may not happen. For what it is worth, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Star Trek film. Looking forward to the one being filmed now and the planned 3rd one too. Been a Trekkie since I was in the womb listening to my mother watch TOS, nearly 35 years ago. Having seen every Star Trek episode and movie, besides all the animated series, I just do not understand why some hate the JJ film so much. I loved it.

As for Data, all we know from canon (novels/comics) is that the Enterprise-E and her crew, with Data as its Captain, were all lost and have not been heard from since. Also, B4 became data as Data's positronic pathways were downloaded into B4, resurrecting Data in B4's body or cloning him, however you want to look at it - this was in Nemesis. In STO, the Soong Foundation did this - so while the Data we know does indeed have the body of B4, he is actually Data now and B4 is no more.

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