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The 2nd movie by JJ is being filmed as we speak. There are plans for a 3rd one also but just as the 2nd one wasn't set in stone, the 3rd may not happen. For what it is worth, I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Star Trek film. Looking forward to the one being filmed now and the planned 3rd one too. Been a Trekkie since I was in the womb listening to my mother watch TOS, nearly 35 years ago. Having seen every Star Trek episode and movie, besided all the animated series, I just do not understand why some hate the JJ film so much. I loved it.

All we know from canon (novels/comics) is that The Enterprise-E, with Data as its Captain, were lost and have not been heard from since.
Novels and comics are not canon they are soft canon. Since star trek started as a TV show and movies, those are considered hard/true canon. Until said other vise. This is what I think.