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09-10-2012, 10:04 AM
An end to "LOADING" screens for the "tour the universe" event, I had one last 43 minutes.

Hey, on the subject of maps and zonning- I understand that the map will be changed someday to reflect space as a single HUGE 3-d expanse, not a series of 2-d squares like it is now. Great, but before that day comes could we have a shuttle race in some solar system. Like a race from mercury's shadow out to pluto and back...

more games for risa; like all the stuff you can do on a fun cruise ship!
I am looking forward to playing high stakes dabo, texas hold'em, poker, damjat, limbo, shuffle board, and more. you could even make a spoof of the survivor reality TV show as an event on RISA!

for starfleet academy, GET RID OF THE ATARI MONUMENT. period.
you can add a lecture hall where players can here disertations on Star trek technology, history and more.
You can add a "movie theatre" for watching cinematics and 'captain proton' cliffhanger serials.
You can add a "shuttle craft" simulator based on the Bepi system "sligshot course" only have the flight path take you through an asteroid field back towards a ship land in the shuttle bay.
for kicks. You could add the holodeck "target practice game" velocity, specifically for "SHOOTER" mode...

You could quadruple the size of the academy campus, to be more like the concept art.

There is so much you could do to expand this game.

hmm, almost all of this is for the fed side... maybe you could add a "cute seal clubbing event" for klingons...