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Your answer here verifies Atillo's suggestion. The Elite STFs are not hard, not when you have the right gear and know how to run them in a well practised team. If you are pugging Elite STFs then sure you're going to find it more difficult. The only thing left that is a challenge in Elite STFs is to get the optional on IGE and perhaps CGE to a lesser extent, the rest is a walk in the park and if you are even seeing a respawn timer more than once or twice then you need better gear, better team mates and more practise. Look up the EliteSTF channel to join in with a group that will show you how to do it and concentrate on ISE to start with (acknowledged by most to be the easiest STF).
One fault I DO have with them.

The right gear is SPECIFIC gear rather than GOOD gear.

So... A sniper rifle or melee weapon are needed for the end of The Cure. STF gear is preferred but Mk X will get the job done.

The Mark doesn't matter very much because there's little gear curve.

I'd much rather have the reverse. You can use any weapon for any encounter but the Mk would matter more.

I'd like to see a means of outgearing encounters as an alternative to skill. I think that can be done without a dramatic gear curve if they just offered things like mega-consumables that are STF specific (ie. "I suck at Infected Ground but I can spend 20 EDC for an Infected Ground only consumable that makes me not suck and I can spend 50 EDC for god mode.") Or if they gave dungeon reputation with passive boosts. So that your character gets an increasing passive buff in each STF simply by running them. And the first 50-100 runs have to be normal. (So, for example, you have five tiers of boost. And the first 1-2, you only get gains from Normal. Then from running both. Finally only from Elite runs. And you get an instance-specific passive stat that means that if you grind more than your skill level warrants, the grind will make skill less necessary.)