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Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
If you will notice, the respawn timer lasts as long as the effects of your ship's explosion. The last residue of ionized gas fades from view exactly as the timer expires. In this way, you cannot reinter the area until all that was left of you before is gone.

Personally, I would have made it where dying would immediately dump you back to sector space. Maybe even so far as to put you in a drydock at ESD. But that would make too many instant gratification seekers cry. Or tick enough serious players off because they die too much which would force Cryptic to actually balance things out so that gameplay is not just a zergfest.

There are litterally some situations where no matter WHAT you do, you're going to die at least once. If I am at the level called for by the mission, and I cannot avoid being killed no matter what, then it is a sign of flawed design on Cryptic's part.

Respawn and re-engage is their copout for not actually making sure that a mission is properly balanced. Balance doesn't matter when if you just keep at it, no matter how many times you have to respawn, you can win. Why not just put an interactable object right at the point where you would enter agro:

Press F to win.
The problem you speak of with balance is unfixable because cryptic made it so any mix of players can win. Go into an stf with 5 escorts sooner or later you will win. Go in with 1 escort and 4 science. You get the point. What would happen is noone would want to play unless they had the exact right mix of captains and ships. So people would quit or refuse to so pug and the game would get fruatrating and stagnant