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1. The Raptor class has had an issue with it's pivot point since beta. The pivot is rather far back on the ship (roughly where we would find it on a Battlecruiser), combined with the firing arcs located in the long nose, Dual and Dual Heavy Cannon arcs come to bear on a target far, far slower than the turn base would indicate. Add to this the slower turn rate when compared to a base federation Escort, and the Raptor becomes a very difficult ship class to captain.

When can we see a review of the Raptor Class, if not to move it's pivot at least to find a better balance?

If not a pivot change, consider these: The Enterprise episode we first see a Raptor in seems to indicate extraordinarily strong hull, so a much higher base hull could help. Alternately, the color text at the ship vendor describes the Raptor as having a devastating front arc, so perhaps moving one rear weapon mount forward would be the balance for the far shorter time on target our pivot and length provide?

2. There are several examples of Klingon costuming on the NPCs in Qo'nos and Klingon Academy we cannot use ourselves. While I believe the sleeveless greatcoat has an issue of being designed for the old Alpha character modeler, more recent NPCs are sporting Federation Off-duty robes (the Great Hall guards, for example) - can we at least see access to these robes, and the handful of other items we have mentioned elsewhere on the forums that are already established in-game, on NPCs of our races? Moreover, can KDF aliens please have a broader range of items available to them from the sub races? Seems odd to spend time/resources creating armors and clothing items to have them only apply to that one race and not be available to the Aliens at least...

3. Would it be possible to re-purpose areas in the game for more Klingon activities? I personally would like to see the fighting pits in First City and Klingon Academy opened up to PvE and PvP dueling (using a similar system to CO, but with the center of the duel area limited to the center of these rings, with the sphere ending at the ring's edge), and the arena on Forcas III re-used for an actual KvK Bat'leth PvP tournament event.

4. First City seems to have plenty of untapped content! When we take the Tutorial chain which leads us about First City, we are introduced to a long list of named NPCs and areas of the city that are never again used. are these NPCs intended for something grander, perhaps as we see KDF 1-20 brought back into the game?

5. Where are the Fleet Advanced/Elite Bat'leth??? Fleet ground weapons lack a melee category. With the daggers, Mek'leth, and both plain and decorated Bat'leth models displayed behind the vendor, I had hoped Fleet ground weapons would be highlighted.

6. No KDF Fleet ship is eligible for the Ship Module discount. When can we expect to see C-Store variants of our tier 5 ships? (A C-Store Qin with menacing cannons off the hull like the Puyjaq and a wide-arc Dual Heavy cannon? If it looked like a mean love-child of the Puyjaq and the Birok I'd be a VERY happy Raptor driver... )
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