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Originally Posted by mjaymor78 View Post
I wish this statement was true, when and if I pug a STF. Most of the time pugs don't listen, most of the time pugs just run off and get themselves killed respawn and go get themselves killed again.
"Discourages", of course, doesn't mean "prevents".

I once helped a neighbor install a wire around the bottom of his wooden fence to keep his dog from digging under the fence. We spent hours in the heat of a Saturday afternoon, installing the insulators, running the wire around, installing the transformer, making sure the sprinklers weren't going to spray directly on it.

When we were finally done, we turned it on, then let the dog out. He ran over to dig under the fence, got zapped, jumped back, turned his head sideways, then dove under the wire and dug furiously, barking in pain constantly, until we all unfroze from our shock and raced to the transformer to shut it off; he got out right about the time we finished.

Those wires are still pretty good discouragement, but some dogs are smarter than others.