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I guess there are a lot of really bad ground players out there judging but the input into this thread.

I generally equip a tribble (crossfire) for convience, I could manually use it each time but I'm not risking valuable food in inventory for that, 3.3% damage is decent.

Hypos, if you don't carry and use one you are a liability to your team (unless a sci that can heal of course, but they need the shield bat then)

Shield batteries.. meh, shields last a few seconds in fleet actions, never more than a shot against the borg so this is pretty useless. Weapon batteries don't do enough to save your skin.

Shards and Pets are good in fleet actions, crazy dangerous on borg bosses. Tacticals can call guards, pets, and shards to create an army.

Triolic Pattern Enhance I hate, I can't see anything through it. It can spawn a helper AI or an enemy AI. The vision thing makes it useless and super dangerous on borg bosses.

If you don't have nanoprobes don't fight the borg. You need them, don't tell me your "tricks" because you are either so bad you don't draw agro or you have to be brought up often.

Ophidian Cane is pretty awesome, I rarely use it because I forget. The hold and heal can save you .

I use Crossfire Tribble/Shards of Possibility/Ophidian Cane or Nanoprobes/Hypo

I never see my Boffs use the instant remodulator
Well, if you're careful enough to avoid the more damaging blows, you should be able to live with 1 heal only.

I have sub-optimal performance on my sci (I admit, it could be optimal if I had the top gear, a bit more experience, and used consumables) with the mark 11 MACO set, do just fine.

I have moderate performance on my tactical KDF-side, using a variety of scraps and bits I've collected throughout the game, including a very nice fleet AP pulsewave capable of shredding every Borg drone in the IGE boss room (seriously, KB3 on a pulsewave is optimal for that place) and the FE rewards. I use Operative Mk X (STF, ofc), and typically let my allies tank by hiding behind whatever's close when I think a tactical is about to fire (not as bad as you may believe, as it only takes 1-2 seconds and can save your life no matter how many heals you have, and it's definitely better to let a more qualified tank tank through it), and specialize in assassinating the IGE worker drones with a quick, high-damage alpha strike (let's just say I typically hit 700-1200 damage per drone with the decloaking shot... worst-case scenario they live to see a second shot), which I do not recommend after the third drone for risk issues (my performance may be ok, but it is most certainly not good enough to finish them off quickly enough after prisoner 3)

And I probably have acceptable performance on my eng, again I'd say I do IGE boss room best (KB3 pulsewave, telekinesis, melee attack. just BEAUTIFUL) with a not-very-tanky gearset, as I typically use transphasic bombs and chroniton mines to deal some dangerous damage to my opposition.

In all three characters, my death rate is quite acceptable, and no team I can remember (which does not mean there isn't a chance of such a team existing) has ever complained and I get a pretty fine score on optionals.

Also, you don't need the immunosupports to live through an STF. I certainly don't. I said why in the above post - just drop whatever heal you can onto yourself and pray the Borg don't keep hurting you. Nanite Health Monitor also helps though, I don't take my chances without it if playing on my sci.
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