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Originally Posted by designationxr377 View Post
Thank you for your quality reviews as always. I'm really glad I'm getting better at the proofreading.
I am always happy to help and your mission was quite enjoyable, despite the length. I got sucked into the story and hardly noticed how long it was. I think that is the sign of great writing.

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As for your concerns:

Optional Dialog Rework:
Few Big Issues with this, a few more that aren't worth going into.
-Although a smooth way to make sure players see the progress, it causes too much problems if someone wants to go back and read something again. Worse, it limits and in some places erases any kind of group play if they want to take part in it. The only dialog triggers that can be used to "mark off" other dialogs would be read by all party members, in addition using the triggers to prompt them rather then contacts (as most of them are now) severely limits who you see you can speak to. Additionally, it makes the rotating and changing dialog in some contact's lists as objectives progress even more tricky to form, even if most players miss that dialog already.
-I would have to transpose ALL of my optional dialog to new trees, cut and paste. Reselecting the emotions and the costumes of the speakers. Considering the mess the Klingon Dialog list is as is, that mission alone would be an undertaking in attempting it.
Like I said, there are more reasons I'm going to side with them as is, but those were the two big ones. Still a good suggestion, but I'm gonna keep mine as a stylistic choice.
For the optional dialogue, I understand your points but for me it is annoying to see the "I" hanging there after I've already talked to the NPC or even worse if I go all the way across the map to talk to them and they have little to say. In your story I did not notice that as an issue. However it is still something I felt would stream line the story. My feeling is if it is a necessary part of the story then make it part of the story line and therefore required as part of the map. Otherwise it is window dressing to the story and therefore not required for the player to enjoy the mission, albeit not as rich and full as your optional dialogue makes it. In the end it is your story and you have to decide how best to tell it.

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Romulan Ground Combat:
-The romulan faction is actually the best suited for how I want the Kai to fight, that does include thalaron weapons. I never necessarily wanted them to play fair, even if their lead ambassador said they weren't going to try and disintegrate you. Also, keeps the mission 16+ for both Kling and Fed.
The use of the thalaron device was a distraction for me from the story. Not a big distraction, but it did take a little bit from the story for me. You could use Orion to for the Kai warriors too, which would keep it at 16+ for both. As with the optional dialogue, you have to decide how best to tell your story. I can only make suggestions.

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Mission Brief:
Although I want the big bold letters saying DIALOG INTENSIVE and 1H -3H up as the first thing to read, the secondary explanation text was only next to it back when we had the 500 char limit and I needed to mash all the [missioninfo] together to get it in. I will be splitting it up, and putting the faction different mission disclaimer after the mini-blurb of what the mission is actually about.
The warning of the "DIALOG INTENSIVE and 1H -3H" at the beginning is fine as is. Warning the player of what they are about to get into is a good thing, although you will probably still get players who say "Too much dialogue". There is nothing you can do about that. I was only really thinking you should get the story information up front to draw the player in. Otherwise I liked it and it served the purpose you intended.

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Again, thanks for your work and viewpoint! I always appreciate everything you call to light and all you can add! Keep up the good work!
As always I am glad I was able to help. I would definitely recommend both these missions to players of those factions.

Thanks for authoring,
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