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Originally Posted by evil70th View Post
Just another quick point. I was playing around in the Foundry to see if there were other options based on dalolorn's input. Using invisible objects does give a wider field of interaction triggers. The objects go from 5ft to 1000ft and therefore can be triggered from further away. This means the player does not have to pass right by the NPC to trigger the dialogue. I had also forgotten that the optional dialogue can be triggered to disappear when an objective has been completed. So that would address your concern with players being able to come back to it during the map if they needed to do so.

Of course I also realize the level of editing required for you to shift to this method as well, but perhaps it will help for future missions.

Just a thought,
The problem with pop-ups is that they require an important level of planning, and make any editing a hell. If you make one mistake it can ruin the whole story, especially if you have to play with many of them. And I don't want to imagine the amount of work it would require to maintain and update with let's say 15 popups and 15 invisible objects you have to move for any map edit...