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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Oh, it doesn't look like a transporter beam out effect. It's a yellowish static force field in a pyramid-ish configuration. It would work for a pattern enhancer, but maybe not what you want. Hmm..... One of the technology peices is the glowy inside of a warp core. if you put that on top of the player for a short time that might occomplish the effect..... hmm.... wait... is there one without the metal frame? By "starbursts" did you mean "Swirling Particles Blue 01"? Or "Starburst effect 01"?

The particles make a droning sound that's kinda annoying, but it's similar to the droning made by the transporters in the show. Starburst makes this weird roaring sound.... I think this effect was meant to be used with the Bajoran Orbs. The particles have a downside, they're small. But you can arrange them in a group to make a large field.
Yeah, I might have to experiment more with the particles. I needed something big to at least partially hide the sky. If you look around, you can see benches in the sky, lol. If I remove them, then my Shree npc in the holodeck falls through the floor after she spawns. It's strange.