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Yeah, I might have to experiment more with the particles. I needed something big to at least partially hide the sky. If you look around, you can see benches in the sky, lol. If I remove them, then my Shree npc in the holodeck falls through the floor after she spawns. It's strange.
Well... the particles aren't big, but they do look kinda like a transporter effect if you arrange several of them on the map. *rummages*

OOH! "Captivity device 01" If you embed it in the floor it makes a round forcefield sticking out of the ground. "Counter - Science 02" is similar it has a large cylindrical force field. Another option is "Fx - Generator Cardassian 01" and 02 It's just a cylinder shaped purple energy field. 01 sparks a lot and can be seen through 2 is smooth and opaque.

Did you just want something to obscure the background?

I can haz joystick!
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