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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
The problem with pop-ups is that they require an important level of planning, and make any editing a hell. If you make one mistake it can ruin the whole story, especially if you have to play with many of them. And I don't want to imagine the amount of work it would require to maintain and update with let's say 15 popups and 15 invisible objects you have to move for any map edit...
I actually used them quite extensively in my mission "Contamination". It is a lot of work keeping track of them but I also use a script and that is where I make the first round of changes. Once I figure the branches out and how I want them to flow I make the changes in the Foundry. I then test it in the Foundry before publishing. Then I check it in the live server right after I publish it. It can work well and gives you the ability to add alternate story lines on a given map. Having said that, it is a lot of work, and if you've already set something up it can be even harder to change.


PS: I have finished your mission and am working on the report. I hope to have it out tomorrow afternoon.
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