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09-10-2012, 11:44 PM
The following is a chart of the Multi-Vector Attack Mode sections for the Advanced Escort. I did this mostly for grins, and to get an idea of how the sections compare to other ships, like the Patrol and Tactical Escorts. In addition, I also have a chart with the shuttles displayed at their correct lengths compared to the starships. The Defiant also appears at its canon size, as well as its in game size.

Multi-Vector Assault Mode Comparison Chart
Corrected Shuttle and Defiant Chart

As I have removed the shuttles from the main Ship Chart, I am going to create a new Shuttle Chart that shows a comparison of all the shuttles and fighters at their own scale. This will likely include both Federation and Klingon shuttles. I may also end up splitting the Klingon chart as I have the Federation chart, although this will require resnapshotting all of my images. There are a large number of Klingon ships that need to be added, though, so I may end up starting over from scratch.

If the mods would replace the previously stickyed thread with this one, I would appreciate it.

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