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My personal and still my favorite ship build for a Tactical Odyssey. It is a somewhat different flavor then most other recommended builds but it works fine as well, has the potenial for a lot of DPS but requires careful maneuvering.

The Aquila (Odyssey Tactical)

3x Antiproton Dual Beam Bank
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher

3x Antiproton Beam Array
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher

[Saucer Separation]*
2x Neutronium Alloy
RCS Accelerator

[Work Bees]*
Field Generator
Assimilated Module

[Aquarius Escort]*
2x Antiproton Mag Regulator

* [Odyssey Pack]

Deflector: MACO or Omega
Impulse: MACO or Omega
Shields: MACO or Omega

Skill Plan and Bridge Officer layout:

The basic of this idea was a cruiser that would be close to the federation cruisers shown in TV and movies but still effective STFs. I was also always fascinated with DBBs, so I designed the build around a DBB/Torp combination.

The build does a lot of AoE damage and will generate a lot of aggro, therefore it will require some careful maneuvering or the ship will end in more trouble then it can handle. Fire at Will 3 with DBB also puts the DPS in a narrower firing arc which is in imho better then spreading it all over the place. Trust me, you will still get more then your share of aggro, even with 0 points in Threat Control. With the Triple console buff of the Odyssey pack and a separated Saucer the Aquila has a turn rate above 20 which is sufficient for DBB with Quantum Torpedos. Even when the saucer is not separated the turn rate is still manageable but often requires to reduce the speed to half impulse or lower to keep the target within the front arc.

Main attacks are Fire at Will and Torpedo Spread. Fire at Will to take out the shields/ weaken targets and also debuff then enemies with Attack Pattern Beta, then Torpedo Spread 2 as a finisher.

I understand that a lot of people will dislike the build as it goes against the concept of only broadside attacks, but it worked quite well for me, including a lot of elite STFs and fleet missions and it can be modified into a usable build for a Regent or Excelsior,