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Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
Ever since my first week in STO, back in April -09, I've had a major issue with the STO Tractor beam.

A tractor beam is supposed to link the emitter to the receiver, but in STO it does NOT. In STO it links the target to space, just like pinning a note to the wall. In STO, TB is just a glorified "disable engines" ability.

I wish they would give us the "real" tractorbeam. Then the tractored ship would be linked to you, and both ships would be moving as one, their movement being dictated by the engine output and maneuvring of both objects. (with whoever has most engine umpf affecting movement most)

This issue resurfaced when yesterday I saw a mine pinning a Neghwar to space. It looked completely idiotic.

In Star Trek, we see ships tractoring each other and pulling each other along. This would be really nice if it could be done in STO also. We could pull enemies out of the enemy group, pull friends away from explosions etc.

I think this is the one ability that could be changed to add a completely new dynamic to STO space combat.

(Also, Tractor Beam Repulsors should push the dealer equally hard in the opposite direction! For EVERY action, there is a equal and opposite reaction, damnit! )
Cool idea, I like it! Though, I think smaller ships attempting to tractor a larger ship should take some minor damage. But eh, I like your idea just fine.