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I just bought the KDF Fleet Scourge for 4 Fleet Modules ( = 2000 Zen).

Whats the first thing you do when you get a new ship?
You go to the Ship Tailor and look at the options, change your Bridge, your Windows etc.

well, not with this one.

As soon as i enter the Tailor Screen and just press Purchase, without changing anything it tells me that i have to pay 1500 Zen.

I bought all the KDF C-Store bridges and can not change my Bridge or Small/Medium/Big Ship layout, i can not change the type of Windows (i want the yellow ones), i can not change the Color or Pattern options, without having to buy the Tier 4 Version (not interested in that one at all).

i suspect this happens at least for the Nausicaan and Orion Ships, no idea about any others that might be affected.

That can't be working as intended?