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1. I am using the quad heavy cannons. And 2 dhc and 1 plasma torp up front is that good or should i change something
2. I am using 2 of the consoles i got from ships i bought. The point defense sytem and the torpedo spread. Is two too many?
3. The science consoles pretty much confuse and and not sure which eng consoles. I have the PDS console in a sci spot and torp in a tac spot. What other consoles should i be using.
4. I saw the jemmie impulse engine and i am bangin through missions to get that. Is that an "endgame" piece or should i jsut work for the borg?
1. Quad Heavy Cannons? If you mean the cannons from the Sao Paulo, those are Quad Cannons (no critical severity bonus). From my quick observations from the combat logs, it's damage is on par with my DHC MK XI/XII [critd]x3. I'd say keep it, since you already go it. I prefer going all cannons on my escorts. But, you could probably get away with swapping that torpedo for a Dual Beam Bank and use Beam Overload 3 for spike damage. If you do go all energy weapons, you should also respec your character so there aren't any skill points wasted in kinetic weapons.

2. If they really help you all that much, it shouldn't be a problem. But, I'd rather replace the Phaser Point Defense console for something that will help the performance of my escort.

3. Eng: Resistance boosting consoles (if you think you need them) like the Neutronium Alloy. I actually don't use any resistance consoles and use an RCS console (for improved turn rate). Other slots are taken up by universal consoles.
Sci: I put in a Field Generator (increases your shield capacity) and another universal console.
Tact: All energy weapon damage boosters (same type)

4. I don't really care for the Jem'Hadar set. I use them on my Peregrine Fighter. If you had a Jem'Hadar ship, you'd probably want to use this set. I use the Borg Engines and Assimilated Module on my B'rel Bird of Prey, but no Borg equipment (other than the Assimilated Module) on my Escort. For endgame equips, you're probably better off mixing either a MACO shield and deflector dish with a Borg engine and assimilated module, or a Omega shield and deflector dish with a Borg engine and assimilated module.