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09-11-2012, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 View Post
No torpedo at all the escort? Hmm ima have to check that out when i fet home im pretty i did spec some on the projectile options.
My build is more for PvP in mind. The majority of the time, your target is going probably going to try their hardest to keep their shields up. If the torpedo hits it, it's not going to do all that much damage. Even in PvE, the NPCs have a pretty high shield regeneration. When it looks like your torpedo may hit, their shields might suddenly come back up (even if it's just a little). Wasted damage again.

With that said, on my B'rel Bird of Prey Retrofit, I use all torpedoes and my skill points reflect that as well. But, that's because the B'rel Retrofit's enhanced battle cloak allows it to fire while cloaked (and gets a damage boost for doing so). The barrage of just torpedoes, coupled by shield drain abilities, help the torpedoes punch through the shields. But, that's with a barrage of torpedoes. A single torpedo isn't going to work.

My philosophy is to go with all energy or all kinetic. Nothing in-between. You're spending a lot of points trying to get your skill points in either of these types of attacks to a decent level. But, at the cost of other abilities that could keep you alive.