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09-11-2012, 12:50 PM
What I use was:

1.3xHDC 1xQauntum Torp, Rear 3 three turrets (use same type of energy)

2.The point defense system and the torpedo spread. This seems to be the Way to go.

3.I use the following
Deflector - Borg
Engines - Borg
Shields - Maco
Tactical Consoles , Energy type x 3, prefire chamber x1
Science Consoles - Field Generator x 2
Engineering Consoles - Borg Module, Torpedo Point Defense System, RCS Accelerator

4. I collected the jem and its cool. But: Get a set of Borg and a set of Omgea. For which to use read above.

This is not my build. This came from one of our Fleet members who is a wiz at ships. We love her (Manley plutonic love...)