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09-11-2012, 12:55 PM
I too use all four attack patterns on my fleet patrol escort. Attack Pattern Beta II for debuffing and Attack Pattern Omega III for damage/escaping tractor beams. While I don't use Attack Pattern Delta I as often as I use APB or APO, the ability has several important uses. To list a few
  1. In Infected Space Elite I will toss APD I on players that have the aggro from the tactical cube/gate/sphere mobs.
  2. In Cure Space Elite APD I is invaluable when thrown onto the IKS Kang and combined with Tactical Team I and Transfer Shield Strength II. It can be the difference between winning or losing the optional when he is taking fire from the battle cruisers/raptors at the end of the mission. (If they managed to make it that far)
  3. In many of the new fleet missions, APD I again very useful when combined with TT I. Not only does it provide a damage resist to the freighter, it also adds the blue FX to the enemy ships with the debuffs. Thus, the team is able to prioritize targets currently threatening the freighter.
  4. The same is true in No Win Scenario. Tactical Team I with Attack Pattern Delta I works in the same manner as with Freighters in the Starbase defense missions.

Now, imagine for a second you add a 500% Threat Generation to any one of the above listed targets. For example, throwing an ability that increases the IKS Kang's threat by 500%. Any borg ship engaged with a player in a 15-20Km radius would turn to attack the Kang. If you want a truly dramatic example of the threat generation ability, play KA ground elite as a tactical captain and throw draw fire in the generator room. Every last drone within a 55m-70m radius will converge on your location. Adding threat generation would destroy all of the current player builds dependent on the ability being a simple damage resistance buff/enemy debuff. Perhaps another attack pattern could be made with an increased threat/damage resist. Adding a threat reduction to APD I fully agree with, it would be on track with the current purpose of the ability.