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09-11-2012, 02:56 PM
I do have several ideas for improving it now. I'm thinking of adding a few fights with a group of Boslic mercenaries. Maybe leave it a mystery as to who hired them?

edge: maybe a ship battle? or maybe just an angry standoff with the Boslics? Hmm.... I like the idea of writing a tense encounter that doesn't involve shooting.

center #1: maybe a note about them here too, but no major conflict

ship: I really wanted to do a bunch of optional dialogues, but I hadn't learned how yet. I've figure it out since then. It might be fun to make people climb on top of the pipes to find things for the optional dialogues. I love playing find the easter egg.

planet: yeah this part is boring. Neeeds a bit more pizzazz. I'm not sure quite what to do but if I use the Boslic angle I can do some sort of conflict with them.

cave: see planet.

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