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so i am in a very small fleet and we only recently made it to tier 1 (quite the feat for 3 people actually) but here i do wonder, when it comes to engineering/operational stuff if it is worth the cost.
i mean all thse items seem to have "consumes on use" in their description. and given that one of these assignments costs a lot only to give a stock of 10 i do wonder if it pays off. did anyone give it some further thought to enlighten me about that?

i mean for example i could buy a fleet torpedo turret, but that would cost me like 6 doffs and 6 "normal" turrets (given that the project gives me 10 provisions) if that turret is really consumed on use it sounds to me as if i would be better off just buying dozens of 20er stacks of normal turrerts to do the same. if i am not lacking some vital information here than i cannot see how this ever would pay off.