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Originally Posted by medtac124 View Post
I liked it. It was a good concept and well put together. My only real complaint was that it was way too easy; my KDF captain is a VA sci and I blew through it. The space portions never even dropped my shields, and the ground combat wasn't hard, just time-consuming in that I didn't seem to be doing much damage to the Devidians, even though they weren't really damaging me. Some spelling and grammatical errors in the dialogue; I can overlook that, despite being a bit of a grammar nazi.

Like I said, it was a great concept, I'd like to see it fleshed out later and made a bit more challenging. Keep it up though!

I give it 4/5.
Thanks for the feedback! I'll see about beefing up the combat some after the contest. It's always hard to gauge how fast it goes with the Foundry characters because they are buffed up to VA and not really geared out well.

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