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Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
Hehe Thanks. I didn't want it to take too long. I basically made it for a science captain, so if you play anything like an engineer or tac it can go pretty fast. It was how I tried to keep in in that 30 min window.

I spent a lot of time adding details and what not to the maps I used. I had a lot of fun putting up false walls and solving issues with BO's getting stuck in the hallways. (Thank you invisi walls!) Plus I got to use my good old vengeful trill captain again so it was a good time designing it and writing the story.
I was wondering about who that NPC was...

anyways, I'd forgotten the invisiwalls, and didn't like them. My Boffs kept trying to jump through them....

I loved the detail work you did, it came out really nice.

I can haz joystick!
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