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Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
Problem there is that it doesn't.

People don't want to have run (potentially) 140 Normal STFs to get the Veteran Gear so that they might have to (potentially) run hundreds more to get the Elite Gear. Since you can only get the Elite Gear in Elite STFs... well, guess what every lazy person who shouldn't be doing Elites STFs who happens to want that gear is going to queue for?

If Cryptic wants to deter people from playing Elite STFs they need to make the Mk XII gear available through Normal STFs at a lower drop rate, or put XIIs in the store for EDCs (60-80 a piece). Nothing else ever is going to work so long as it's mandated that you run Elites to get the gear. Trying any other deterrent is a fool's gambit that even a blind man should be able to recognize...
dont want to grind for gear dont play stfs..

i am getting so sick of pugging a group in elite that probably cant even finish a normal in time for the optional.. just because "elite gives better loot"

there is NO reason not to do normals to get the xi gear needed to start doing elites..

they should make it a requirement.. an accolade that opens up elites.. get a whole set of xi gear. it already opens up the tailor uniform, why not make it open elites too.

for space it should be a whole xi setup, engines, deflector, shields, weapons..

that way everyone that goes into an elite has the gear needed PLUS the nohow to win.

it really sucks that they made fleet gear NOT as good as stf gear on purpose..
fleet gear should be 10x better then stf gear, it takes hella to get and its not a drop you have to work to get it.