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09-11-2012, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by happyhappyj0yj0y View Post
Saying that solves nothing.

People are STILL going to be lazy and ruin PUGs by queuing for things that are beyond their ability.

And yet it is what it is.

Which still means absolutely nothing. It just adds an extra tier to this with zero guarantees that the people involved will have any level of competence. I've had far too many moments with people in PUGs where, despite displaying visuals from the STF sets, they still manage to consistently prove they have no idea how to run an STF effectively (and worse, can't even follow directions).

Hence why I suggest making Elite Gear available for EDC and at a LOW drop rate for Normal STFs. That way when someone tries Elite and gets stomped flat there's actually a chance that they'll stop and think to themselves, "Well, apparently I can't do this, maybe I should go back to Normals since I might still get the drop there, and though it will take some time, I can still work towards the stuff I want."

That's the only thing that will have a real shot of permanently skimming out some of the people who shouldn't be in the queues (since even then some people are going to want to roll those dice on the higher chances given by the Elite STFs).
No. Elite stfs are suppose to be hard. They are not something you just jump into.
Making them easier or able to get the same rewards from normals is not what should happen.elite stfs need to be gated from the general community there for elite stf gear will be special. Like they are suppose to be.
I think that before being able to even queue up for an elite stf you should have the accolade kill 5000 Borg. That would solve a lot of elite pugs and make elite stfs for elite players only.