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Originally Posted by aarons8 View Post
No. Elite stfs are suppose to be hard. They are not something you just jump into.
And you'll notice I never said anything about making them easier.

Originally Posted by aarons8 View Post
Making them easier or able to get the same rewards from normals is not what should happen.
And you'll notice I never suggested that either. I suggested lower drop rates for Normals, which already receive fewer EDCs. Ultimately giving them an objectively lesser award and thus necessitating more grind.

If that doesn't appeal to you then enjoy all of the unqualified people who join your PUG and stop complaining.

You want people of lesser skill gone, but you want to keep the best gear exclusive. Well, guess what, as long as that gear is exclusive they're not leaving. That's why about 98% of them are there.

Originally Posted by aarons8 View Post
I think that before being able to even queue up for an elite stf you should have the accolade kill 5000 Borg. That would solve a lot of elite pugs and make elite stfs for elite players only.
An accolade you can get running B'Tran Cluster missions is your bar for entry? I had that Accolade before Elite STFs, Omega and MACO sets existed. Hell, if you stay there long enough you can pick up that accolade in the tutorial.
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