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Originally Posted by aarons8 View Post
No. Elite stfs are suppose to be hard. They are not something you just jump into.
Making them easier or able to get the same rewards from normals is not what should happen.elite stfs need to be gated from the general community there for elite stf gear will be special. Like they are suppose to be.
I think that before being able to even queue up for an elite stf you should have the accolade kill 5000 Borg. That would solve a lot of elite pugs and make elite stfs for elite players only.
Sorry, but that's a ridiculous requirement. Accolades don't mean squat; you can have every accolade available in the game and still be a crappy player.

I have 4850 accolade points on my VA, but I am more than capable of running space elites. Half the time I do more damage than players with double that number (and some of them have been veteran players who should know what they're doing). I don't run the elites because "omg better gear!!!11!" I run them because space normals are downright boring. And the elite PUGs are marginally better than the normal PUGs (I'm not a member of an STF channel).
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