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09-11-2012, 06:27 PM
Hi there,

Seems like your complaining about a lot here, so let me touch on what I am qualified too. I personally use Tric-Mines myself, I think they are hilarious when in a "Dog fight", I can drop a few Mines and hope my opponent is not expecting it. It does hit for a LOT of damage. I can hit 100k reliably with minimal buffs, but then again, Tractor Beam Repulsers = Mine be Gone... And Klingon ships are not OP in my opinion due to thier fragile nature... Like the B'rel (B'rlol class Lol-bird) it has pathetic hull, and no shields, less consoles, no crew... and less weapons then the Defiant. It does however have a Better Cloak, and some serious turn... I run the B'rel for that reason. Why do Klinks seem so powerful if they are at a disadvantage? Because we find a way to win, like droping mines while cloaked and then attacking while waiting for you to eat Tric. It is refered to as a B'rlol for a reason... I do however usually pay for it in a very epic way.

And if you still feel that klinks are overpowered perhaps you should talk to the Pandas, they have no problem holding thier own against klinks... Believe me I know ...

Pandas are OP, they need the nerf, not Klinks