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I should be home from work in time and will help. I can lead elite space during the second time slot (7:00 p.m. Central). I'm half useless on ground but will play if I'm needed.

2 Questions:

1. What instance of DS9?
2. Can the cooldown be turned down/off for the event? Those of us who are experienced can finish Infected Space in less than 20 minutes. We could possibly lead 2 or 3 groups through in the 1 hour window.


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The instance will be decided at the time of the event -- it all depends on which one has the least amount of players in it. That's the one I usually go for so we can fit as many as possible.

Unfortunately, #2 is not possible. We'll be running space first, and then ground -- that should take up the entire hour.

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I'm a Level 25 and I'll be at school until the last half...
The minimum level requirement is 44 for this event.


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