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09-11-2012, 07:48 PM
Decent Build (tested and has sometimes hilarious results)

3 or 4x DHCs (same energy type)
If 3, 1x quantum/photon torpedo Launcher
3x Turrets (same energy type)

Shield: MACO
Deflector: MACO
Engine: MACO/Borg

4x whatever energy type you're using for weapons
3x Neutronium Alloy
Assimilated Module, Torp PDS/Field Generator (torp if you have torps equipped, FG if not)

Enjoy. But regardless, must haves are the assimilated module and MACO shields.

NOTE: Also not my build, I don't use the Escort Carrier. This build comes from a friend who does. And tears things up, and we can abandon said person to die, and they survive.
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