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09-11-2012, 06:55 PM
As stated earlier, if you want to tank, you have GREAT choices with the shovel, galor, and d'kora. But I prefer my sovy. Not QUITE as tanky as a shovel, but it has great damage output and decent enough maneuverability with the full borg set.

However, due to the nature of borg shields, it goes squish pretty quick when focused XD. So in that case, you're better off getting a shovel for survivability, since let's face it, ST is EVIL when it comes to you wanting to bring a targets shields down so you can hammer on their hull. They go "Oh no, my shields. ST GO!!!" and suddenly their shields are at full again.

So I would recommend a shovel, since it's cheap and easy to get, and has great stats overall, in fact the fleet shovel is also pretty good if you are in one and you're allowed to get it.
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