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09-11-2012, 09:08 PM
Targetable torpedoes (the Heavy Plasma, Tricobalt, and Bio-neural torpedoes) seem to operate by slightly different rules, since they are treated more like mines than regular torpedoes by the game engine (since they are targetable objects with hit points, etc.) They have a finite lifespan--the torpedo does have to cross the distance between the launcher and the target at a finite speed, and if it can not do this within a set number of seconds, the torpedo will die. Stacking Evasive Maneuvers with a Shield Battery or Emergency Power to Engines 2/3 or Aux. to Inertial Dampers 2/3 can let you lead an incoming torpedo on a merry chase until it dies. The important thing is to STAY moving--just dodging and then coming to a stop is useless, because the torpedo will chase you until it either catches you or runs out of time.

Targetable torpedoes also seem to lose their lock if you get out of range (i.e. more than 10.0 km away from the TORPEDO, not the launcher). If that is correct, then if you are targeted by one and more than about 7.5 km away from the enemy, the way to escape it would be to hit Evasive Maneuvers, turn tail, and run directly away from the enemy.