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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
In all honesty, stuff like this is pretty much why I stopped PvPing. Sure there are skilled people who know what they are doing. But the way STO is built, not all builds are created equal. This discourages people and they just either rant or just outright quit.
It's not like there aren't a million guides in the PvP forum that highlight different builds for different roles.

New Player Escort thread by Husanak:

Good page on the pros cons of beams on escorts and good keybind mojo too:

More very good insight into building an Escort:

Awesome Cruiser thread by Mavairo:

With a table of contents here:

Mav's Cruiser thread redux along with other relevant info by dontdrunkimshoot:

Another great thread on piloting, configuring, situational awareness on Carriers by Kilawpilath:

Hilbert's fundamentals:

Mai Kai's science power recommendations and analysis:

Jam's Healing Primer - The Space Healing Compendium:

It's all there, you just gotta look around. There's no excuse to avoid PvP for lack of a good build.

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