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09-12-2012, 12:43 AM
Ah, one of these threads again. Filled with people hopelessly parroting the op, an utter and total lack of research (where does it say feds are getting leech? it doesn't. But I saw a guy say they were getting it surely. Where did he see it? He saw a guy who saw a guy who saw a guy who... this information is random speculation with no basis in fact.

Now, sure, it's a possibility that the feds will get it in a cross console pack- it's always a risk. But Cryptic isn't going to stop doing the cross faction console packs, nor do I want them to.

But if they're going to be taking our best and coolest consoles then could we at the very least get something good in return? I'm fine with the cross pollination of technologies- especially because given that not everyone has Z points, you'll end up with fed ships with klink consoles and *without* fed consoles, because those are more affordable to them- and you'll end up with the reverse on the klink side- although to a much lesser degree because two out of three of the fed consoles we've gotten are total crap.

We have the Impulse Capacitance Cell. It's cool to play around with for about five minutes- but you rapidly learn that it's total garbage and takes up a slot that used for literally anything else would be better.

Then you have the disruptor point defense system. Yes, this can demolish swarms of fighters or kill frigates. So can a single Hargh'peng torpedo. With a three minute cooldown it's really something that won't get very much use and doesn't provide much of a benefit at all.

The only fed console we've gotten that I actually find consistently useful and fun to have is the photonic displacer. It's a very good, very underrated console that provides a unique and useful boost to the KDF, and one that they're suited to take advantage of much better than the feds are. While I've seen the occasional fed displacer stealth attack build, KDF are- and I honestly hope- always will be better at it.

The displacer is great. with it, even with the lengthy cooldown, any stealth/cloak capable ship can pretend to be a bird of prey, decloaking for an attack run, and then vanishing from combat into stealth while leaving a decoy behind. I've used it in both structured and unstructured pvp and it's a great choice- and it's a shame that fed players almost universally dismiss it as garbage.

Cryptic is, ultimately, going to go where the money goes- and even if the vocal majority on the forums quit, there'll still be a lot of KDF players who keep playing the game- demanding unilateral action on Cryptic's part on our behalf is absolutely ridiculous and none of you can seriously expect that they'll just stop making money to give us unique and powerful gear and neglect everything else. (and don't you start on the "We just want parity" crap- we both know that whenever Cryptic releases something balanced for parity for both sides you guys start up with the whole "Cryptic gives the KDF crap" spiel- you want stuff that's better than what the feds get, as if to make up for KDF being neglected but really just because you want better stuff full stop)

What we really ought to do is make a list of consoles we believe would be acceptable for cross faction console boxes- make suggestions as to what to keep and what we could give up.

But this thread is already too much of a ridiculous hate-fest, so I'll go do that elsewhere.