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09-12-2012, 02:26 AM

Make a sort of tutorial, where the enemies are dumbed-down, and one can bring their four bridge officers with them, and learn how to do the STF on their own time. Make it repeatable as often as they want, and maybe put some pop-up hints here and there, to fill them in on the basics. Once they're able to complete it there, they receive a hail from the contact in the Omega Force, inviting them to join at Normal level.

Once they make it on Normal, they can run the 'simulation' on Elite. Same as before, but the Elite version, once completed, grants access to Elite STF's of that type.

Create a 'holodeck' door, as seen in TNG, in the Crew Deck on your ship; when you go in, you can start the 'training simulations' there; this would give us something new to do inside our ships. Lockbox ships with only a bridge can allow them to be accessed by similar simple means; Tholian/Jem'Hadar have doors, and the Galor has transporters on the bridge.

Success requires the 'simulation' to be completed within a certain reasonable time frame (not uber hard or anything...just make it something that requires them to actually remodulate their weapon, rather than going hand-to-hand the whole time without a melee weapon, etc.).

I doubt it's a perfect idea, but I don't know what is at this point. My reasons for suggesting this:

1. This will explain, step-by-step, how to complete an STF, thereby arming them with some of the KNOWLEDGE they need to successfully run these things. Equipment, IMHO, is not as important as experience and skill (but still important, of course).

2. Something new to do in our ships, which is always welcome, IMHO.

3. Eliminate part of the language barrier problem: if they run this tutorial, it will be in whatever language they're using to play STO. The language barrier is a problem when trying to help new players through STF's rather often; if they at least had the basics covered, they could pretty much copy what everyone else is doing, to an extent.

4. Give the players a place to test setups, try out new gear, and make sure things actually work, without potentially ruining an STF run for others.

5. You exclude people from STF's who are just there to 'see what it is like', which I've had several of lately. Let them try it in the holodeck and decide whether or not it's something they REALLY want to tackle, on their own time. Hearing, "Wow, these STF's a lot harder than I thought they would be...I quit" halfway through an Elite STF is rather aggrivating.


As a second idea, allow us to invite friends to replace leavers at any time during the STF, and give them the rewards for helping the team complete it. That way, if we have a new player who gives up, we can call in someone who knows what they're doing to fill the empty spot, and still have a way to complete the STF.


Anyway...just a little food for thought. Good idea, bad idea...I'd be willing to try pretty much anything at this point, since the STF channels are absolutely dead when I'm online.

I do agree with happyhappyjoyjoy about making Mk XII gear available by some other means, even if it makes for an incredibly long grind. You're never going to keep the leeches (as well as new players who just don't know any better) out of the Elites unless the gear is available by some other means.