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09-12-2012, 03:59 AM
beams :

tt1 ts2 apo1
tt1 apb1

epts1 rsp1 epts3 aux2sif3

he1 tss2

7x spiral wave disruptors (galor)
1 x plasma torp

borg deflector
borg engine
honorguard Mk XII

3 x neutro Mk XII
1 x sifgen Mk XII

Borg module
Plasmonic leech

4 x Disruptor coils


tt1 crf1 apo1
tt1 crf1

epts1 rsp1 epts3 aux2sif3

ph1 tss2

4 x DHC 4 x turret

borg deflector
omega engine (at 50power insubsystem)
honorguard shield mk 12

4 x RCS mk XII

borg module and plasmonic leech

4 x boost console for what ever energy type ure using

use 3 evasive doffs to crank up ure turn rate to about 60/63