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09-12-2012, 03:58 AM
In a game where tanks don't tank, harsher death penalties are not a good idea.

Cryptic already tried that route with the increasing respawn timer... did it work? No. Tanks still don't tank, because Kirks don't care about the success of the mission, they care about their own survival only.
The easiest way to survive is not getting fired at, even when your Ship is designed to take the punishment, so rainbowOddy just shows his pretty technicolor display at the Borg and the rest of the team still carry him.

And you want to punish good players even more? Make no mistake, the player that dies first is usually the best (or least bad) player on the team, not rainbowOddy.
RainbowOddy only dies from Donatra's Thalaron pulse, because he'll never learn to get out of the way (which is pathetically easy).

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