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So the Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher, only one per ship huh? Uhh sorry but I see no reason why its limited to one per ship, sorry but nope, allow at least two, otherwise theres no point in using hard earned ZEN points for the ship or the torpedo launcher, id sooner get the Armitage. Unless someone gives me a reason other then it would be op which it honestly wouldnt be, 180 degrees is already op for a torpedo, but hey thats my opinion, doesnt mean im wrong though.

I suppose the next thing i should ask is, is this launcher even worth it?
I wanted the ship. I ended up using the launcher on all of my other cruisers. It's slightly weaker than a standard torpedo launcer but can fire along with your broad sides.

If you want the ship then yes its worth it (its not the only reason to get it) if all you want is the launcher then no it's not a 25 dollar weapon.
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